What’s Your Life Purpose?

Posted September 08, 2011 - By Carrie Kish | View Comments
“What’s your life purpose?”  As a coach, I’m seriously thinking about retiring this question.  It’s the new “What’s the meaning of life?”
You can only barely glimpse your ever evolving purpose and/or the meaning of life.  I think coaches get all grandiose about this one.  It doesn’t matter what I think or say my life purpose is.  It is what it is no matter what I say it is.
I was just on a call where a bunch of leaders made their “leadership declarations” consisting of their core values and their “noble cause.”  The thing that stood out for me is how beautifully some of us are able to package it up and how meaningless it still is.  I think we need to simplify it down to something really, really basic.
What was Ghandi’s life purpose?  What was Martin Luther King, Jr’s life purpose?  What was Mother Teresa’s life purpose?  Do you think they had some statement on their vision board or in their back pocket?  No!  They had some rage in them that was unanswered by their time and culture that lead them to take action.  I am not enraged about being an “an agent of sustainable transformative change” – part of my life purpose.  And, the only work I am called to do right now is the work in front of me – growing myself by growing my children, loving my husband, loving my clients, leading the LA coaching community, and leading the youth and youth leaders at my church.  If God put homeless, hungry people on my radar, I’m sure I’d do that work.  My life purpose is to say yes to the work that shows up in front of me and to do it to the best of my ability and learn and teach what I am here on this earth to learn and teach, whatever that may be.
What about you?
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